Print Advertising Techniques We Follow


Most of us never went to school to study advertising or marketing, so we’re constantly looking to improve our techniques and standards.  We’re especially good with design and digital marketing just based on trial and error.  That being said, we’re also constantly innovating and researching for more information on the art of marketing.  When we’re designing for a new campaign, typically our clients will have some thought of what they would like the design to look like.  Then we just design it and then find reliable toronto painters to actually paint it all together.  However, there are times where the client just give us information on what they want to sell and want us to help them come up with the design itself.  This is the fun part.

We’ve been learning a ton of techniques on how to catch the audience’s attention.  Since people are constantly being exposed to advertising (whether they know it or not), we’ve got to be innovative and original with our designs.

We like to design graphics where the audience has to look at it twice or a couple of times to actually get the full picture.  We also love to use bright colours to make certain things pop.

lipsMany people like to use famous logos, but we like to come up with our own original style.  Each client will have the option of having our team design the logo as well as the campaign.  Again, we will hire contractor painters in toronto to actually paint the billboard or poster.  It often works better when you have a gorgeous painting than just a print photo.  The more time and energy we put into a project, the better the outcome.  That’s why we are solely focused on the client’s vision.  We just help build it out into an actual platform that the audience is able to view.

Another technique we like to use is preying on people’s feelings.  I know that sounds horrible but we don’t use it in a bad way.  We like to predict how our design would make someone feel, and we always want to make sure it is a positive feeling.  You won’t ever want to purchase something that doesn’t make you happy, and we totally get that.

The amount of time we spend on a project differs from client to client.  If they want us to create, design, and execute on the entire campaign, it could take months depending on the back and forth between the client and us.  If they’ve got a vision ready and just need us to design and execute it, then it could just take weeks.  Everything’s got a timeline but our purpose is to ensure that the campaign will work and that the client is satisfied with our work.